Rayan Baghdadi is telling us all about how to become a professional model
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Rayan Baghdadi is telling us all about how to become a professional model

Rayan Baghdadi is telling us all about how to become a professional model We all know by now that being a professional model is not only about looking good anymore, but it’s a whole package of attributes you must have.

For instance, we have spoken with Rayan Baghdadi, one of the best male models of the region and he told us a lot about what other qualities you must have when you want to achieve a title such as “professional model”, or “top model” or simply you want to be that one model that gets the best jobs and works with the best agencies around.

“Being a model brings a lot of admiration and criticism in the same time. And you must be ready to embrace it all, this might be one of the hardest part of having a modeling career. If you want it badly, then be prepared for it!

Whenever you tell someone you are a model, they all go like “wow”, admiring your beauty and the world you live in, but then it’s just a matter of seconds when they switch and deep in their heads they all think, “oh, but is that a job even? He is too skinny to be a model, or she is too fat, she isn’t that beautiful” and it’s like that when everyone around starts to be your biggest critic and judging your appearance and your life, while they know very little about the modeling industry.

And then comes the whole industry, the designers, the bookers, and agencies who won’t be easy on you either. Every kilogram you gain, every change you do to yourself is very well observed by the masters of the industry and of course the only one that has to support the consequences is you, again.

So, it kind of looks like a tough world out there, but honestly, the moment you build your personality, the moment you stay professional, you understand that the criticism you get from a top designer let’s say, can only lift you up, you know to accept that, work on it and get better. Or sometimes just nod and do the best you can. As per everyone else’s opinion, don’t be bother, you won’t build anything based on what people think. Just move on.

Another important aspect in this modeling world is keeping a very good communication with the people you work. Make yourself available, have your phone around most of the time, you can get jobs any time of the day or night, be kind and respectful towards the people you work with. I have learned that doing my job, staying professional, respecting what other do and say, got me many times a second job with the same team. You must be easy to work with. No one wants bad energies or attitude around.
Prepare yourself for long nights or very longs days. You might have some long photo shots, tiring days, excessive traveling or back to back campaigns. That’s why make sure you rest enough in between, exercise and eat healthy.
You have to be in your best shape at all times.

You have to understand very well what it takes to do this job and be always ready to continuously take care of your body and looks.
It’s an important aspect. And if you look for motivation or understanding, just get to know more about the people you admire in the industry. See what they do, how they train, how many hours they sleep, what they eat in a day, with which agencies they work. Look it all up, and do the same.
When you don’t know what to do, simply follow what the most successful models are doing and you can’t go wrong with that.

It takes a lot or hard work and discipline! It takes perseverance, the desire to always be better and do better!
It’s always about achieving more and being on another cover, or doing another campaign for the best brands on the market, always chase for the top, although it might not be the easiest climb” said Rayan.

Very beautifully said, a very honest speech I would say and that’s what the amateurs need, a reality of the world they want to achieve, they need to know what exactly is happening backstage, because we are all able to see the shining covers or billboards, but what is behind that, all the hard work, that’s something that many times fascinated myself even.
I admire Rayan, not only for being a very good looking model, fit, adopting a healthy lifestyle, that includes meditation, exercise, daily reading, but for never settling for the average. He has a strong will and determination and that’s what got him to work with Dolce & Gabbana, Michael Cinco, Mercedes, Harvey Nichols, Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Vilebrequin, Banana Republic and so on.

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