Aras Group holds an Iftar party in a wonderful atmosphere of authenticity
أخبار عامة

Aras Group holds an Iftar party in a wonderful atmosphere of authenticity

The well-known businessman Aschraf Mahmud, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Aras Group, hosted a large Iftar party of businessmen, media professionals and friends in a cheerful family atmosphere in his private farm, and the audience enjoyed a wonderful atmosphere amidst the purebred Arabian horses and sand dunes with an atmosphere of heritage and Arab generosity.

Aras Group holds an Iftar party in a wonderful atmosphere of authenticityAschraf Mahmud, Chairman of Aras Group, has lived in the United Arab Emirates for nearly 10 years. Throughout those years he has become a living example that this country is the land of opportunities and realization of dreams. With his effort and vision, within a short time, and amid fierce competition in the business and investment sector, he was able to earn a place among many tycoons and pioneers of investment and real estate in particular

Aschraf Mahmud, who is of Palestinian origin, has a lot of experience that helped him in securing his seat in a short time and among fierce competition in the real estate sectors in the UAE, which takes the lion’s share in real estate development. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the Bonn University. He has various accomplishments in a number of practices that he had participated in during his studies. That includes providing economic consultancy, business plans and feasibility studies for European companies in various fields such as hospitality, and real estate.

The CEO of Aras Group moved from Germany to the United Arab Emirates in 2015, to begin his journey in establishing his first real estate brokerage company, “The Aras Group”. He provided many services, including buying and selling properties in all residential and commercial markets. In addition to that, he also provided financial guidance and property management services in the field of real estate. Soon he managed to control a large sector of the market by linking the mechanisms of the labor market and the clients’’ needs.

In continuation of the series of developments, Aschraf Mahmud shortly established the first real estate project under the title “Aras Residence” in 2020.  It is a family oriented project that targets a new category of clients looking for specific standards of living according to their family’s needs.

Aschraf Mahmud seeks to expand his business and investments in the upcoming time and enter the world of retail and he plans on opening the first global branch of his chain of restaurants “Haval Grill” in the Jumeirah, in which he partners with the international singer Xatar . He is also planning on launching his second real estate project by the end of this year, in addition to a number of other projects in various fields, including tourism and luxury car rental.

The CEO of the Aras Group occasionally encourages businessmen and investors from all over the world to choose Dubai as a place of residency and work, for the supportive and encouraging atmosphere provided by the UAE government to the investors. That is what he expects in the Dubai Plan 2040 in supporting the real estate sector significantly, through opening new areas for living and attracting consumers.