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Today Abruzzo presents itself to the eyes of the world, with products of our land that are unique and of exceptional quality, an expression of our identity, its sea, and its mountains, with three national parks, one regional and as many as 26 protected areas. A unique case in the world, a value that is the fulcrum of our idea of development, which focuses on the quality of life”.
EXPO 2020 DUBAI: AGRIFOOD WEEK BEGINS WITH IMPRUDENT VICE PRESIDENT AND CONSOLE FINOCCHIAROSo the vice president of the Regional Council with responsibility for Agriculture, Emanuele Imprudente, opened the program of “Sustainable Abruzzo in Agrifood” in Dubai, at Expo 2020, which for the whole week will present about 120 food and wine excellences in the world showcase produced by 22 companies.
For the occasion at the Hilton hotel in the capital of the United Arab Emirates, together with the vice president, the consul general of Dubai, Giuseppe Finocchiaro, also did the honors.
The mission is promoted by the Abruzzo Region and is managed by the Regional Company for Productive Activities (Arap), an operational arm on behalf of the Regional Body of the Expo mission: it was calibrated to facilitate the meeting between demand and the offer, with the involvement of importers, buyers, international press, influencers, consultants, chefs and agrifood entrepreneurs already operating in the Middle East, and in other areas of the world present in Dubai. Featured with the aim of conquering new markets in one of the most important showcases in the world, leading products such as saffron, truffles, including oil, wine, fruit and vegetables, honey, dry and fresh pasta and pastry.
“The Dubai Expo is only the first step, for a decisive and effective action of internationalization of companies and the conquest of new markets for our excellent agrifood and on which the future of our land depends – explained Imprudente.
Consul Finocchiaro underlined how “Abruzzo knows how to combine its cultural tradition with innovation and credibility, and this is precisely the meaning of Expo 2020, the regions present here offer a reconstruction of their past but also their openness to the future. Dubai and the Arab Emirates are a bridge between Asia, Africa, and Europe, a fundamental hub for those who intend to open up to a wider area”. “The Expo will end in March, but it is only a first step, an exceptional showcase, as a Consulate, as an Italian system, we will give the maximum support to accompany
Abruzzo companies in the process of affirmation in new markets, and of internationalization”, Finocchiaro concluded.
The press conference was also attended by Giuseppe Savini, president of Arap, the operational arm on behalf of the Abruzzo Region of the Expo mission, the parent company of Forza Italia in the Regional Council, Mauro Febbo, and the general manager of Arap, Antonio Morgante.
Here are the 22 companies, 11 of which in attendance, protagonists in Dubai: Altopiano di Navelli Zafferano dell’Aquila Cooperative, Casalbordino Wines, Sant’Ilario Estate, Vigna Madre Cantina Terzini Winery, Rustichella d’Abruzzo Tenuta Tre Gemme artisan pasta factory, Frantoio Ranieri , Cantina Orsogna, Pignatelli Tartufi, Core Giuseppe Farm, Domenico Ricciconti Farm, Contesa Farm, P&C Italian Style – Anzellotti, Collefrisio Estate, Genuine Farm, De Juliis Farm, ADI Apicoltura, Chiusa Grande, La Casa di Nanni, Casal Thaulero and Citra.
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