Top boxing champions gather in Dubai, wait and see who will win the gold belt
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Top boxing champions gather in Dubai, wait and see who will win the gold belt

The “Color World Cup” WBA World Tour (Color World Cup-WBA World Tour) hosted by Color Planet Technology (NASDAQ code: ADD hereinafter referred to as Color Star Technology) and WBA World Boxing Association will be officially held on 8/26 hit.

Top boxing champions gather in Dubai, wait and see who will win the gold beltAs time approaches step by step, many fans, audiences and media who love boxing matches have long been looking forward to the lineup. The top-level certification has therefore become a must-win honor for outstanding boxers from all over the world, and the competition held is also the top-level event with the highest gold content in the industry.

In order to make the Color World Cup-WBA World Tour more attractive and professional, Colorstar Technology, as the organizer, has made full preparations. It is reported that in the main match of the day, Chinese boxer Zhang Zhaoxin will fight against Gameron boxer Rolly Lambert Fogoum. They will compete for the WBA Asian light heavyweight gold belt competition through 10 rounds. The sub-main event is also very interesting. The 23-year-old Chinese boxer “Lionheart” Wang Lequan will challenge the 19-year-old Phoobadin from Thailand, the owner of the WBA Asian super lightweight gold belt. Both sides are long-time victorious generals in the boxing arena in recent years, and the confrontation between the two is also the focus of fans and media attention. Once Wang Lequan wins this competition, he will enter the top 15 of the WBA super lightweight world, which is of great significance. In addition to the above two exciting matches, there was also a match between Thai boxer Tewa Kiram against Chinese Kazakh boxer Bai Shanpo. Tewa Kiram is a super welterweight player in the WBA Asian region, currently ranked 15th in the WBA, and Bai Shanpo is a dark horse that has attracted the attention of the international boxing world in recent years.

Tickets for the competition are now on sale. Fans who like boxing can directly log on to the website to cheer for your favorite boxer and come to Dubai to witness a top boxing event. The event was promoted to more countries and regions, and more top-level events were organized to be presented to the public.

Date: August 26, 2023

Time: 19:00 to 22:00