The First Global Mobility Education Summit Opens in Abu Dhabi
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The First Global Mobility Education Summit Opens in Abu Dhabi

The Emirates Driving Company launched the Mobility Education Summit 2022 today, the first-of-its-kind event in the region and the world in the field of mobility and driving education.

The First Global Mobility Education Summit Opens in Abu Dhabi The event opened at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center to a thunderous start and will continue until November 16. The inaugural event gathers hundreds of international mobility experts who have a mutual passion for road safety education, and a dedication to developing sustainable driving solutions.

The Emirates Driving Company is organising and hosting the three-day summit in strategic partnership with Abu Dhabi Police HQ, the Department of Municipalities and Transport, the Integrated Transport Centre, Abu Dhabi, and the European Driving Schools Association.

Speaking at the opening, Mr. Khalid Al Shemeili, CEO of Emirates Driving Company said:  “We are pleased to launch the Mobility Education Summit to advance the future of the mobility sector and enhance aspects of sustainability and technological innovation, while attracting stakeholders from the sector from around the world, to discuss the most important issues related to mobility. This first-of-its-kind event provides a global platform for exchanging knowledge and experiences and exploring the latest initiatives in the sector, with a focus on the future of mobility, sustainability and traffic awareness.”

Summit visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the smart inspection process and the smart simulator supported by artificial intelligence, in addition to testing how digital transformation is implemented in the sector. The event also includes panel discussions, workshops and seminars rich in information, to focus on the most important topics related to driving education, training and awareness of safety rules, in addition to addressing the future of the mobility sector.

New Innovative Driving Education Methods, Early Driving, Driving Education Systems and Digitisation, Driving Behaviour, Fatality rates and accidents in Abu Dhabi, Awareness Campaigns for Road Users, and Government Panel on new mobility regulation, Training in metaverse world, Shift to e-learning platforms and Psychology of Drivers are amongst the key themes at the conference.

The Mobility Education Summit 2022 relies on four main agendas, the first of which focuses on educating and training drivers about the importance of early driving education based on artificial intelligence techniques that reduce the risks of actual driving. The summit will also discuss the possibility of benefiting from distance learning platforms and advanced educational means to provide training and examination opportunities for drivers, with a focus on introducing traffic education and awareness programs into the curricula of schools and universities as a top priority.

The second agenda of the summit focuses on raising awareness of how to ensure safety while on the move, by discussing the drivers’ vision system, zero vision for accidents, the United Nations Action Plan for Road Safety, and placing the necessary traffic awareness signs for drivers. The third agenda revolves around the future of mobility and highlights the topics of self-driving and enhancing aspects of sustainability through the use of low-carbon and hydrogen-powered cars, in line with Abu Dhabi’s vision and strategy to support sustainability.

The fourth agenda includes launching an innovative program to train drivers and correct their behavior when driving, in order to raise their awareness of the importance of traffic safety.